There are only two Northern White Rhinos left on the planet. Both female. If poaching continues at its current pace the Southern White Rhino will join them at the brink of extinction in our lifetime.

90 of the estimated 21 085 Southern White Rhino left, call Rhino Momma Project home. Here our main purpose is to grow these population figures by providing the best environment, feed, security and veterinary services rhinos need to flourish.

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White rhinos are very large animals that must eat up to 120 pounds (50 kilograms) of grass per day to sustain themselves. As natural resources are scarce due to drought in Namibia we have to substitute their diets with feed.



Orphaned calves need 14 litres of milk per day. Probiotics, vitamins, glucose and other essentials are added to the milk to ensure they get the proper nutrients to survive.



Anti-Poaching Unit vehicles to patrol 32500 acres. Yearly maintenance and tyre costs for these vehicles run at US$10 000,00 per year.



For their safety, our rhinos are dehorned regularly - a process that requires a specialist team as well as specialist equipment.



One of our biggest expenses for this project are the salaries for the people who are crucial for this project. An Anti-Poaching Unit staff salaries alone run US$5 428 per month.



Rhino Momma Project spans an area of 32500 acres. Anti-Poaching Units (APU), security fencing, camera traps and monitoring drones are used around the clock to ensure the safety of our rhinos.

We are a registered Section 21 Non-Profit organisation in Namibia (Reg no: 21/2018/2585). To verify our registration, feel free to visit Namibia’s Business and Intellectual Property Authority at and search Rhino Momma Project.